HRPO Consulting is a division of HRPO Group of Companies. HRPO Services is a 100% aboriginal-­‐owned employment, training research & consulting company. One of our main focus is to assist Aboriginal job seekers to get the proper training and to bridge them to employers in order to get a long term career.


HRPO Consulting Services also provides TTE (Training to Employment), Aboriginal Awareness training, Strategic Planning services, Aboriginal relationships & partnership; such as facilitation, conflict resolution, mediation and negotiations.


Our services:


• Researching and Acquiring opportunities for Aboriginal job seekers
• Aboriginal Training to Employment
• Aboriginal Awareness Training
• Aboriginal Business Development Training
• Strategic Planning
• Aboriginal Relations & Stakeholders
• Research & Consulting:
• Conflict Resolution
• Mediation
• Negociation
• Aboriginal Partnership
• Aboriginal Engagement
• Facilitation
• Proposal Writing