HRPO Group shall establish quality objectives in the relationship towards its clients and candidates, employees, neighbors and the community. We believe in strong and fair relationship and we shall develop growing and long lasting cooperation with our people. This is all about doing the right things, tailored to specific needs in order to accomplish the best transactions.


HRPO Group’s mission is to be the most trusted and recognized staffing agency within the industry and to always accomplish the mandates we are given.


We shall achieve our mission by:


Our approach towards clients and candidates

  • Providing our clients and candidates quality services :
    • Demonstrate professionalism,
    • Have clear and concise communications,
    • Be available and responsive,
    • Focus on the clients benefits.


  • Identifying our client’s and candidate’s needs :
    • Who are they,
    • What do they need,
    • Where do they need it,
    • When do they need it.


Our approach towards employees

  • As a family owned business, we are directed towards the realisation of our mission and the essential elements of such a culture are :
    • Orientation towards quality and excellence,
    • Investment in people,
    • Providing a fulfilling work environment,
    • Encouraging our employees to perform to their maximum potential,
    • Never being satisfied with the status quo, but constantly seeking improvements.

Our approach towards neighbors and community

  • Encouraging a responsible attitude :
    • Promote respectfulness,
    • Be thankful and appreciative,
    • Strive for improvement.


Our Mission is achieved when:
We consistently provide a standard of quality services to our clients and candidates that exceed their expectations.

HRPO Group shall be regarded as a reliable, independent, responsible and resourceful staffing agency and shall be recognized to have the most personalized and proficient services within the industry.


HRPO Group shall be regarded as a reliable, independent, responsible and resourceful staffing agency and shall be recognized to have the most personalized and proficient services within the industry.


We observe the highest principles of integrity, honesty and professionalism towards our clients, candidates, employees, neighbors and aboriginal communities.



We care and respect people either as individuals or as a group.
We care and respect people either as single workers or as a company.
We care and respect people for their culture and native roots.


We are attentive to market changes and needs in order to improve our relationships and services to the industry.

We focus on getting to know our clients and candidates and we listen in order to obtain the best possible match for the most profitable productivity.

We respect confidentiality of records and we are committed to protect the privacy of all personal information we obtain from our clients and our candidates in accordance to good business practices.

Although we attempt to provide accurate information on our Web-site, HRPO Group of companies and its divisions reserve the right to change any information as it may see necessary, at any given time without notice, nor will we assume any responsibility for its accuracy. We do not hold responsibility or liability for any direct or indirect damages for the misuse or understanding on this site.


HRPO group of companies and its divisions are committed to protect your privacy and safeguard your personal information, and they shall do so by taking reasonable steps deemed necessary, in accordance and as outlined with the terms and conditions as listed below. By using our services, you consent to our collection, use, disclosure and protection of your privacy and personal information. In order to keep up with Canadian legislation and/or law requirements, this policy may be updated periodically without notice. We therefore suggest that you check our web-site periodically for any changes made to the policy. Please note that this policy does not apply to the practices of companies which are not controlled by HRPO Group of Companies and its divisions.


Submitting your personal information
HRPO Group of Companies uses a web-based resume-intake system designed to collect your personal information. By submitting your personal information on this web-site, you indicate your willingness to HRPO Group of Companies, and its divisions to use your information for recruitment purposes and that your information will only be used and shared with our clients on your consent.


Consent statement
I understand that I may withdraw my consent at any time, providing a five (5) days’ notice, in writing, and that my file will be destroyed. A confirmation will be sent back to me once the file has been destroyed. However, HRPO Group of Companies, and its divisions, retain the right to keep a record of my personal information relating to recruitment purposes of previous transactions already completed.
Email : privacy@HRPO.com


Using your personal information
HRPO Group of Companies and its divisions will use the information that you have submitted for recruitment purposes and they will use the information collected to personalize your employment research. The information collected will help us to :

  • Better understand your aspiration and career goals,
  • Verify your qualifications and background,
  • Contact our clients for the ideal position for you,
  • Communicate with you concerning job opportunities.


Sharing your personal information
HRPO Group of Companies and its divisions will not sell nor distribute your personal information to other parties. We will only share your information with our clients for recruiting purposes and working positions in view of finding the best employment opportunities intended for you. We will require your consent before sharing any of your information and you will be kept informed of any developments as it progresses.


Safeguarding of your personal information
The information that you submit via our web-based resume-intake system is protected and maintained by the hosts of our database, Njoyn, through access control and as per their own security policy. For more information on their security policy, we recommend that you visit their web-site at : http://www.njoyn.com/policy.html
Storage of paper-based personal information is maintained in our offices in locked filing cabinets.
Our employees are well aware of the importance of privacy and security.
HRPO Group of Companies and its divisions will not take responsibility for security breach which is beyond their control.


Access to your personal information
All personal information can be accessed by the applicant. To view and change the personal information you have submitted to us, you can return to our web-based resume-intake system and follow the instructions. In order to help us maintain the accuracy of your information, you are to advise us by e-mail regarding any changes you have made to your personal information or, you can contact our office by e-mail and provide details you want to change at the following e-mail : info@HRPO.com


Technical difficulties
If you encounter technical difficulties submitting your details on-line, please email our support team at: webhelp.njoyn@cgi.com
Please indicate the following information and provide a brief description of the problem(s) you are encountering.

  • Type and version number of your browser;
  • Version of your operating system;
  • Internet connection type and speed.
  • Type of CPU and amount of RAM in your computer.

If you require immediate assistance, please call our support team at :